As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, family member, and friend, I have seen firsthand the stress that not having life insurance can have on family and friends. For example, several years ago, I received a call from a local hospital informing me that one of the individuals served by our clinic had died in the emergency room. Upon further review, it was clear that this person had no insurance and limited family support. At that time, like many people, I thought that the government might cover the costs of insurance or that family members would help out. Neither happened. Instead, our team members came together to raise money, negotiated with the funeral director for the lowest price possible, and staff performed the services. Having life insurance for everyone is essential. Ensuring that everyone has a decent burial/funeral is necessary, especially for those who did not receive the dignity and support they deserved in life. While for others, life insurance provides family members/friends with one less concern. Do you have life insurance? If not, click here for information about obtaining life insurance for you and or a loved one. Life insurance is cheaper than you think. Contact Us At (301) 755-5463 or email us at

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